jiayan (jiayan) wrote in lunatic_slave,

selling: 黒服限定GIG (kurofuku gentei) Pamphlet

Hi! I was lucky enough to get a ticket for the live and managed to buy this beautiful pamphlet that was only for sale on that day itself. Please see below for more details.

(that's a bracelet beside it for size comparison)

Kurofuku Gentei GIG Pamphlet
B4 size (364 x 257 mm)
BRAND NEW & unopened

★ The price does not include shipping, and shipping will depend on your location. The pamphlet will be shipped from Singapore in a bubble-wrap envelope. The book itself already weighs 900g, without packaging.
★ Preferred payment method is Paypal (3.9% + 40yen fee); concealed cash is accepted... as a last resort (rounded up to the nearest thousand yen). Payment should be sent within 2 days unless you have informed me of any delay in advance.

Please leave a comment with your email address and country if you're interested :D

Buyer feedback here

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