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Earthquake in Japan

(I am reposting this from the Lunatic slaveS LJ comm. I hope it's ok.)

All infos I could gather about the earthquake is here . There is also a working link to NHK World to receive updates in English every half an hour. Please if you have relatives/friends in Japan use the internet, don't try to use phone lines.
Also if any of your friends is in Japan for work or holiday and you cannot reach to them, please contact the Crisis Units that were opened in each country.

Everyone who was touched by this tragedy directly or not, please stay calm and be strong.

Onto more frivolous matters, we can say that all LS members are fine. Their activities now are on hold for obvious reasons.
Inoran's staff cancelled two dates of the tour as well as today's Ototabi broadcast.
Same goes for Ryuichi's concert to be hold at Budokan.

If anyone has tickets to these events, hold onto them cause on their official pages will be soon announced if the concerts will be postponed or if the tickets will be refunded.

Google decided to help the population of Japan by opening Google Person Finder. Inputing the name of the missing person, the system will automatically deliver you any information available via Twitter. This system was also used to help people after the earthquake that hit Chile, the disaster in Haiti and after the tsunami in 2005
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