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The SLAVES' Journal

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7th October 2012

hideplushi7:59pm: magazine selling
Hi there, I have an amount of japanese Magazine featuring Luna Sea and others for selling. Please have a look over at my lj

16th April 2012

picparfait10:09pm: For Sale: Luna Sea Mags
Hello~ I have some magazines featuring Luna Sea up for sale. The magazines are from 1995 to 2001. If you are interested, please visit my sales post here. The prices are negotiable =) Thank you.

7th February 2012

x_aoi_addict_x2:25am: Sale
Selling Ryuichi poster (unused) 3€

19th August 2011

jiayan10:34pm: selling: 黒服限定GIG (kurofuku gentei) Pamphlet
Hi! I was lucky enough to get a ticket for the live and managed to buy this beautiful pamphlet that was only for sale on that day itself. Please see below for more details.

(that's a bracelet beside it for size comparison)

click for more details.Collapse )

Please leave a comment with your email address and country if you're interested :D

Buyer feedback here


12th August 2011

sevensign3:03pm: Happy Birthday J!!!
August 12

Happy 41 Birthday J!!!

8th July 2011

shikkokukori11:38pm: happy 42nd, sugizo <3
it's still july 8th where i'm at.. so, happy birthday, sugizo!

i'm sure there are still some people whose daily ritual doesn't consist of checking facebook..
so, below, i've copied and pasted sugizo's birthday message.

sugizo's birthday messageCollapse )

6th July 2011

rosen_schwert10:34pm: selling a DVD

Hey everyone!

I'm currently selling the DVD GOD BLESS YOU ~One Night Déjàvu~ TOKYO DOME 2007.12.24.

It doesn't have a price, so if you're interested leave me a reasonable offer to consider. :3

~Check out my LJ!~

29th June 2011

katharotes2:19pm: LUNA SEA Reboot 23.12.2010
I was one of the poor slobs who couldn't make it to any LUNA SEA show last year. That said, technology is so great nowadays that an illusion of being at the show may compensate.

Therefore I'd like to ask: does anyone have any audio/video recording of the show on 23.12.2010? Because I went through the setlist and I died a bit at the inclusion of some songs, and the fact that they only release on DVD the show on 24.12.2010.


27th May 2011

gazerock3826:59pm: 110526 - LUNA SEA 3D in LOS ANGELES Trailer


LUNA SEA will broadcast the premiere of "LUNA SEA 3D in LOS ANGELES" on Ustream!

The premiere of "LUNA SEA 3D in LOS ANGELES" (LUNA SEA's live in Los Angeles during their very first world tour completely restored in 3D) scheduled to be open in theaters on 6/4 is taking place on 5/29 at TOHO Cinemas Roppongi Hills.

Members are coming together in public to reveal their 'NOW' as well as the episodes about this new premiere and the world tour itself.

■Live streaming time (there will be no rerun) :
13:30 (Tokyo)
12:30 (Hong Kong / Taiwan)
08:30 (Moscow)
06:30 (Paris)
05:30 (London)
02:30 (Sao Paulo)
00:30 (New York)
21:30 (Los Angeles)

Ticket - Adv : 2,000yen / Door : 2,500yen
Official Website

21st May 2011

aiko832:11pm: You have the chance to interview LUNA SEA

Nippon Project gives us the chance to interview LUNA SEA!!
Send your questions to the band using this form : http://nipponproject.com/en/new.php?id=807

20th May 2011

official_mjp6:19pm: INORAN "Live Tour 2011 Teardrop" at Fukuoka DRUM Be-1

On May 15th, INORAN has been performing the first live of his "Live Tour 2011 Teardrop" at Fukuoka DRUM Be-1 and more than anything did than anything did the venue vibrate with passion...

Starting out with the latest songs from his album "Teardrop", he kept rushing to an amazing finish together with the audience.

While the live concentrated mainly of the new album's songs, he also played the older songs, which had been rearranged to match the perspective of "Teardrop" and unfold in the band's sound.

During the second half of the show he performed "Shike", where he put his all into the distorted guitars and a frenzy of guitar solos, which completely destroyed the image of LUNA SEA's INORAN.

[Read More]

15th May 2011

jagripple3:16pm: ------
The LUNA SEA project submission is over
thanks to those who participate :)

17th April 2011

rasetsunyo8:39pm: Giving away "Lunacy"
Hi, I'm giving away the album Lunacy (printed in Hong Kong) to whoever comments fist. Please don't leave your postal address here, just comment and I'll PM you. Or if you prefer you can leave your email address and I'll get back to you. Thanks!

[ETA: The album has found a new home so I've locked comments. Thank you for your interest!]

10th April 2011

shikkokukori12:28am: promise <3

please support LUNA SEA's tohoku kanto (東北関東) earthquake relief efforts by downloading their amazing new song (!) at the following:

amazon japan
amazon US
amazon UK
amazon germany
amazon france

[sorry to all those who are in countries without download access!]

i have no idea why the embedded clip is cut off by about 55 seconds... sry!

輝きだしたのさ tonight


眩しすぎる自壊 tonight


今こそ your life 解き放て

夜を切り裂いて君を歌いたい tonight




kanji + romaji lyrics

6th April 2011

gazerock3824:00am: LUNA SEA / "PROMISE" Teaser

As we hope to contribute to a fast recovery and revival of the damaged areas, we have decided to make a brand new song "PROMISE" in 10 years available for download in which all of the proceeds of LUNA SEA will be donated to earthquake relief via Japanese Red Cross Society.

We, LUNA SEA, would like to show our gratitude to all of you supporting LUNA SEA until now.

Let's walk together hand in hand until the day this tragedy is healed.

この度の東北関東大震災における被災者および被災地の危機的な状況を受け、LUNA SEA は、約10年振りとなる幻の新曲「PROMISE」の配信リリースを急遽決定し、そのLUNA SEA収益金の全てを被災地の皆様に寄付させていただくことを決定致しました

今までLUNA SEAを支えてくれたみんなの力に
今度はLUNA SEAからみんなへ返したい



Teaser for "PROMISE" may be found here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N_4yHOapqBk

26th March 2011

totchiko7:15pm: J Charity T-shirts
I am not currently an active member of the online Luna Sea community, though some may remember me from way back in the day. For those who don't know, I've lived and worked in Tokyo for nearly six years now, and chances are if you've been to a J live, etc. here in that time, you have seen me. I'm not going to go into much detail about the current situation with the earthquake and tsunami, as I'm sure most people reading this already know what has/is happening in Japan at the moment and are aware of the importance of getting aid to those who need it up in Tohoku.

J has announced that he will be offering a charity T-shirt to help raise money for disaster relief. All proceeds will go to the Japanese Red Cross. The price for the shirt is ¥3000 and the deadline for ordering is 4/13/2011.

I am willing to purchase and resend shirts to anyone interested.

Check here for details of the shirt, including sizing.

Shirts should be printed and shipped out from FC Pyro around the end of April, though this is subject to change.

For my own sanity, I will be asking for about $60 US through paypal to cover the cost for the shirt, packaging, shipping, and any bank/exchange rate fees that apply (the exact amount may change later depending on location, fluctuations in the exchange rate, etc.). Payment must be verified by 4/5 at the latest. Any money leftover once these fees are accounted for I will donate directly to the Japanese Red Cross myself. Please contact me at jcharityshirt at gmail dot com if you are interested. I will compile a list of those who contact me and place an order close to the deadline.

22nd March 2011

private_enemy10:45pm: Brand new rip of the SHADE demotape in 320 kbps
Hey guys. I haven't posted here in forever, but I figured this was something special worth sharing with the community. I figure it's alright, given the rarity of this thing lol.

As you might know, with the recent release of the rerecording of their first album LUNA SEA (hope everyone's enjoying it!), they released a limited edition "box" version with special goods included. One of those "goods" was a complete replica of their 1989 demotape SHADE. Being the fanboy that I am, I plunked down the cash and preordered one of those limited edition versions late last year.

So, I present to you, my own personal rip of the demotape. There's been an old, fairly crappy rip of the tape floating around for years, I'd like to think my rip is a little better, I hope lol. I did some tape noise reduction and just slightly beefed up the bass a bit, but other than that, this is their 2nd demotape in all it's glory. Enjoy. :)



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11th March 2011

gracefuldays4:41pm: Earthquake in Japan
(I am reposting this from the Lunatic slaveS LJ comm. I hope it's ok.)

All infos I could gather about the earthquake is here . There is also a working link to NHK World to receive updates in English every half an hour. Please if you have relatives/friends in Japan use the internet, don't try to use phone lines.
Also if any of your friends is in Japan for work or holiday and you cannot reach to them, please contact the Crisis Units that were opened in each country.

Everyone who was touched by this tragedy directly or not, please stay calm and be strong.

Onto more frivolous matters, we can say that all LS members are fine. Their activities now are on hold for obvious reasons.
Inoran's staff cancelled two dates of the tour as well as today's Ototabi broadcast.
Same goes for Ryuichi's concert to be hold at Budokan.

If anyone has tickets to these events, hold onto them cause on their official pages will be soon announced if the concerts will be postponed or if the tickets will be refunded.

Google decided to help the population of Japan by opening Google Person Finder. Inputing the name of the missing person, the system will automatically deliver you any information available via Twitter. This system was also used to help people after the earthquake that hit Chile, the disaster in Haiti and after the tsunami in 2005
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4th March 2011

gazerock3824:31am: Trial listening.
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

It was posted at LUNA SEA's official Facebook page that the self-cover album to be released on March 16th will be availabe for trial listening beginning on March 1st.

You may listen to CHESS, SANDY TIME, and BRANCH ROAD at the OHP or here: http://avexnet.or.jp/lunasea/news/lunasea.html (A Windows Media Player plug-in will be needed.)
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1st March 2011

beckielric11:47pm: So I was browsing Youtube for some really, really indies Luna Sea songs (stuff like もう死んだ振りさせない and Dream is Over for instance), and I stumbled across this. Apparently it's L'arc en Ciel doing a cover of Shade live in 1992.

Can anyone verify that it's L'arc? It certainly sounds just like them, but people do mis-label their videos on Youtube sometimes. In any case, I thought people here might be interested. =)
ayu_mi_kay5:43pm: OHP Question
This question doesn't have anything to do with LUNA SEA directly, but I thought someone here might be able to help me. For some odd reason I cannot view the Japanese on LUNA SEA'a OHP (http://www.lunasea.jp/). I have multiple Japanese fonts on my computer, I have Global IME, I can type Japanese and I can view Japanese fonts on every single Japanese website I visit except LUNA SEA's site. When I look at the page info I see it is encoded in UTF-8, but even when I change my browser's encoding to that it still does not show up. I was wondering if anyone else has this problem and if there is a possible fix? It really bothers me every time I visit their OHP I cannot see it properly...

If a mod feels this post in inappropriate, let me know and I will delete it a.s.a.p.


26th February 2011

honyaku_suru6:46pm: Translation of "Ray"
Hey everyone, I translated "Ray" here at my journal. Enjoy! :)

28th January 2011

official_mjp7:26pm: MJP Photo Flashback 2010 October ~ December

500 pages - 45 artists! The huge MJP Photo Flashback 2010 is now complete with the last three month released! Have a look and relive those live moments bith bands like SuG, Acid Black Cherry, LUNA SEA, Plastic Tree and many, many more!!! 

October [http://bit.ly/gEEUba]
November [http://bit.ly/etHQGF]
December [http://bit.ly/eeKi6G]

13th January 2011

official_mjp6:02pm: LUNA SEA "20th Anniversary WORLD TOUR - to the new moon-" 2010/12/23
LUNA SEA "20th Anniversary WORLD TOUR - to the new moon-" 2010/12/23 at TOKYO DOME
"We have come between all of you, and it feels great" - RYUICHI KAWAMURA

It had been three years since LUNA SEA had performed last at TOKYO DOME, when they returned to Japan's largest indoor stadium, which would hold more than 50,000 fans that night of December 23rd, 2010. It was the first day of three consecutive shows and not only would LUNA SEA charm their audience, but they would also receive a very special gift.

The large stage with two large monitors to each side was extended with a long circular catwalk, allowing some lucky fans to be surrounded by the stage. Another large monitor could be seen above the stage, allowing even those sitting high up under the roof of TOKYO DOME to grasp the atmosphere on stage directly. The lights turned out and a roar of cheers would be heard as "LOVELESS" marked the beginning of the show. In the back of the stage a large new moon, resembling a solar eclipse could be seen along with the LUNA SEA logo as one by one the band members came on stage.

[Rea more...]
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